Gérard Vachez is a fine artist who works in photography, drawing, painting and digital art.
His work has been exhibited in Europe, the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and several African countries. 
Vachez is the winner of a 1989 AGFA prize for creative photography. In 1986, Traits magazine awarded him a prize for best animated card.
His work has been published and reviewed in prestigious French and American magazines. 
Early in his career, Vachez won a commission from the French government to organize the Bujumbura Cultural Center in Burundi, Central Africa.
Burundi  proved to be a powerful source of inspiration for the young artist’s first black and white photo exhibit, a show that later traveled to Rwanda and Zaire. Africa was the stepping stone to a successful artistic career in Burundi, Guadeloupe, and the United States. 
In 1986, Vachez settled in Paris where he opened the “Vue du Pont” art studio.
His work soon garnered attention and attracted an exclusive clientele. His first Parisian photography exhibit was held at the Bip gallery.
Two more shows followed. In 1995, the artist relocated his studio to the French West Indies.  
It was in Guadeloupe that Vachez met Miami nightlife impresario Michael Capponi.
Fascinated by the artist’s vision, Capponi brought him to South Florida, where Vachez founded his creative studio, Xposure Advertising. 
Vachez holds a degree in fine arts and graphic design from the University of Paris I, the Sorbonne, and has extensive expertise in painting, CGI and photography.
The native of France settled in Santa Fe in 2012, where he lives with his lovely wife and business partner Cathy.
After a successful show on Canyon Road in  2014, Cathy and Gérard Vachez decided to open their own Art Gallery in downtown Santa Fe.