These paintings were designed to be screened during a special event organized by the University of Sorbonne in Paris. Instead of photographing painted canvases, I chose to create an original painting on a slide in order to be more of an innovator and cast a more interesting approach to the project. So, I used clear Rodoid Plastic and then mixed a lot of different materials and medias on it.
After my first tests with some Ecolines, I began to tamper with the media: scratching it, cutting and gluing it back together to create several layers. For this purpose, several different types of glue were used, each reacting differently to the heat of the slide projector. For example, when left long enough inside the machine, some slides would begin to crack slowly, resembling old varnished paintings.
As for the colors, aside from the Ecolines, I also used oil-based paint, indian ink, acrylics... All mixed with cotton or fabric pieces, raw fibers, I even set some creations on fire to alter them.
Some of these slides were painted inside their little frames, others were painted on a larger support, then cut later on.
Once scanned in the highest resolution possible, I print them on Fine Art Paper or Canvas and apply different type of acrylic textured gels and metallic pigments. This way, I’m able to create a very unique original for each print.